New Year’s Revolution

19 Jan

Though I’m a couple of days later than some, I’m thinking it may be good for me to resolve to accomplish a few things this year that will improve my general journey through life, without actually calling them resolutions. I never actually made resolutions, anyway. I just figured I’d commit to whatever moved me to do so, whenever it did. So maybe I don’t accomplish as much as some of those who set more concrete goals, but hey! –maybe I do.


I will have a garden that’s at least double (but preferably four or six times) the size of mine from the previous two years (particularly last year’s, as we were gone so much it wound up producing only the most independent veggies). I will be more thorough in planning it, in weeding out what has failed in the past and investing in new plants and previous years’ successes, and in enlisting help. As of right now, I have a friend who is a champ at farming who is planning on moving in this spring to help start a larger-scale garden with me. You will bear witness, I promise that.


I will write this damn blog as much as my scattered brain will allow. I’m aiming for two posts per week. Feel free to harass me about this if it seems that I’m slacking. I love external motivation (and so do YOU! Right?). This way we can really start figuring out together what I need to focus on health and food and fitness-wise, and you can clue me in on what you need in those areas, too. Yee-haw.


I will work on food photography so I can make this blog beautiful for you to look at and the recipes tempting to try at home. That will involve investing more money in food, time in preparation and figuring out quality recipes, and in burning more calories so I have more room to eat all the terrific food I plan to make.


I’ll make greater efforts to avoid buying/eating food that doesn’t benefit me, i.e. those cursed ripple chips and French onion dip, sugary foods, starchy foods, too many carbohydrate-bomb gluten alternatives (but they’re always on sale!), alcohol, and meat from unknown sources. I’ll work on eating and making more fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and kim chee. I’ll try to resist joining in when my main squeeze enters sugar-seeking mode, instead of feeling like it’s only fair if I participate, too.


I’ll exercise AT LEAST thirty minutes every day. Even if it’s only through cranking my stereo and jumping around my house, and even if I have to mainline a little caffeine to help me get moving. Also, I’ll work harder on rehabbing my screwy shoulders so I can climb harder, and more, too.

(Hmm, I didn’t know I had so many things I was going to write down…)


I’ll become a sharp-shooting triple threat. My mom gave me a shotgun for Christmas and my boyfriend gave me a compound bow. No, I wasn’t expecting either of those things, and no, I don’t hunt, but yes, I want to scare my shadier neighbors who do things like cut my fence and steal my barn wiring, and yes, I want to be able to hunt should I have to. Mainly I really want to learn my way around a gun so if I ever need to use it I can do so, and do it well. Side note: New Year’s Eve Day about ten people I know went out in the woods with twenty guns, handguns, shotguns, AR-15s, even a 1937 Czech Mauser. A couple of the guys had found five mannequins at a local thrift store, and so the lot of us were able to shoot all of each other’s guns at real fake people. And yes, it was a psychologically healthy thing to do and we laughed a lot (though not insanely, relax). It was loud and fun and a bit painful (I think my hand is bruised from the .357), and the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. I like Ohioans more every day.


I will focus on improving self-discipline in all areas. Have I already kind of said that? Well, this is me putting it down explicitly. I will invest in my future self a hell of a lot more than I’ve been doing. And that’s one thing I hope we all share in doing.

If you have something to add, please say so, though I’d prefer you tell me about the future self you’re investing in instead of telling me more things you think I need to improve. But hey, I’m sure I could use the input…


3 Responses to “New Year’s Revolution”

  1. Fran January 24, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Trying to eat healthier-
    I had delicious smashed (mashed) cauliflower in a restaurant last night with the consistency of potatoes but a more interesting flavor. What are the benefits of cauliflower over potatoes? Are there any? Know any recipes? What to season it with?

  2. mdog32 March 11, 2012 at 4:25 am #

    One of my things to do this year is to start an apartment garden. Since there isn’t any room to dig up some land for a real garden, I’m going to use some 18 gallon sized blue recycling bins, fill them with dirt and plant veggies! I might be looking for some gardening tips from you!!

    • ForkYes! March 11, 2012 at 4:32 am #

      Have you seen the mag Urban Farmer? I saw it in a friend’s apartment recently and liked it so much I subscribed (though am still waiting for the first issue). It seems perfect for the super-small-scale gardener. I’ve had so many friends who’ve had more luck than I have growing in 5-gallon buckets versus what I had in my garden. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I’ll have something to offer you in the coming months. 🙂

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