Just Putting It Out There…

19 Jan

Before we go any further together I want to clear some things up for those less acquainted with me.

I am flawed. I eat ripple chips and french onion dip. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and my stomach hates me for it. I make less than stellar decisions. I have occasional entire days where I see barely a vegetable. I make bad jokes. I forget important things. I am sometimes scattered, indecisive, and unmotivated. But – this shouldn’t scare you away. Instead, relax a little knowing that your own sins are forgivable, even understandable in my eyes (the dietary ones, anyway, can’t speak for all of the others).


Having gotten that out of the way, you should now feel a little more at ease with me. I know that transition is often plodding and difficult, but the rewards are worth it. I’m searching for a life free of disease, frailty, and limitations, and full of energy, movement, and freedom, and there’s little point in me having one of those lives if I can’t drag as many people along with me as possible so that I can enjoy it in good company. I’ve also changed particular aspects of my lifestyle over the years that vastly improved how I feel and function (just think, I used to be all those flaws above and more!), and all of it was inspired by other people. At the very least I want to be what those people were for me – a resource for information and motivation.

I’m both an optimist and a realist. I am certain that there are simple things that every single person I know can do to improve their lives to some degree, no matter their finances, living situation, location, or current state of health. The ultimate aim is to become superhuman, and even if we don’t quite reach that, we’ll be better off for having worked to arrive there. Self-experimentation – nutritionally, physically, and mentally – is crucial to understanding what works best for your particular body. The world of health in general is fraught with conflicting information and absolute statements (fat is bad! fat is good! fruit juice is good! fruit juice is bad!), and the reasons for it being so are sometimes complex and confusing, but know that only you can truly determine how you feel when you eat a certain something, take up a particular pursuit, or try something at all different.

Lydia in Grocery Store

Yeah, there’s a lot I don’t know, but a ton I do have to share, and if I knew it all it would be difficult for me to take others along for the ride, anyway. In short, I love a few things. Food. Being outside. Rock climbing. Traveling. Reading. Learning new stuff. The people and animals in my life. Practical jokes.

I’m not sure what the meaning of life is or what in particular it is I want out of it. But I do know that the best way to figure it out, if such a thing is even possible, is to remain capable of adapting to my environment, by striving to be strong and flexible and healthy and educated. That doesn’t mean I’m always the best example but I’m working on it. Your input is appreciated, too.

– Lydia


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